About Focus Selling

Focus Selling isn’t sales training. It’s a life-changing Customer
Development System you use to devastate the competition.

At Focus Selling, we know you want to lead your team to breakthrough moments.

You want to hit revenue levels that prove anything is possible.

But first, you need to solve the mystery of what’s holding your sales team back from these kinds of victories.

The problem is, without a unified, shared sales system in place, you can’t solve anything.

There’s no evidence, no visibility into a process where you can pinpoint “This is where things went wrong.” You’re left making best guesses, feeling powerless to coach your team effectively.

We believe your team deserves a comprehensive system where everyone knows exactly what to do and why they’ve won or lost a sale.

We teach your team to understand what your customers need even more
than they do.

This proactive approach quickly positions your company as the one that understands your customer best and eliminates other companies from consideration.

Focus Selling’s Customer Development System has been taught to more than 200 organizations on 5 continents in more than 30 different countries. In the end, it’s a system about understanding human behavior, which is why it’s been proven effective worldwide.

You can stop wasting money on sales training events.

You don’t have to live in the dark about what your sales team is missing.

Instead, teach your team to follow a proven sales process which gives your company an absolutely unfair advantage. Devastate the competition by making your business the most engaged, inevitable choice for your ideal customers - time after time.

Meet Rory Clark

Rory J. Clark is the creator and innovator of FOCUS SELLING®, a breakthrough performance system which has helped countless executives around the world to exceed performance expectations. He inspires excellence in leadership, teamwork, and performance through the renovation of individual mindsets. For over three decades, executives in over two hundred organizations, on five continents, and in over thirty countries, have learned from Rory. In addition, they have taught Rory how to turn FOCUS SELLING® into a competitive weapon.

Rory’s experience includes leadership positions in marketing, sales, recruiting, and training in organizations such as CBS and ABC Radio, Wilson Learning Corporation, and the Dale Carnegie Institute. He has taught or taken most sales training workshops in his industry. He is an expert in selling, in instruction, and in curriculum design.

His undergraduate studies were completed at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and he did graduate studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

Rory is a versatile professional with a dynamic, intense, high-energy style. He’s comfortable with a variety of individuals and organizations. In personal conversation you’ll find him to be approachable and very “down-to-earth.” He lives in Gilbert, Arizona (USA), a suburb of Phoenix. He has raised two sons.

Rory is a two-time letter award winner as a member of Northwestern’s intercollegiate basketball team. He was also a batboy for the Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball Team. Additionally, Rory has served on the Executive Committee of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Rory is the Pastor of Barah Ministries, a Christian Church in Gilbert, AZ. www.barahministries.com

What Clients Are Saying



Strategic Account Director, ENTEGRIS

Rory Clark is warm, energetic, focused and committed, especially in his delivery of Focus Selling. He’s contagious! I simply adore him.



Foster Wager Corporation, Rochester, NY

Our top line revenues doubled in two years and our profitability quadrupled... that’s pretty impressive for a small company. Focus Selling was definitely the catalyst.



Global Quality Director, ENTEGRIS

Rory’s energy level is always very high and that is a key for effective teaching. During our sessions, our global team members flew in from all over the world, yet no one ever showed any signs of “jet lag” during the workshops.



Chief of Staff, ENTEGRIS

Rarely do you meet a person who works to genuinely engage with each person with whom he interacts. It is rarer to find a person who cares enough to leave a positive impact on each individual he touches. Rory Clark is a teacher… he embodies these characteristics and shares the gift of himself with his students.



China Customer Quality Engineering Manager, ENTEGRIS

Rory’s wisdom and his sense of humor made the time pass quickly. He was always available to our team to help us with our real life problems.



Business Director, ENTEGRIS

A lot of instructors simply teach and then say, “Do it because I said so.” Rory teaches you how to be self-aware and how to adjust when you make mistakes, so you are doing things because you want to. His personal inspiration and the accountability he teaches led us to breakthrough performance.

5 daily videos, 3 minutes each,
that covers your most burning questions about sales

Access exclusive content. Rory is giving away answers to some of the most common questions asked by Focus Selling® participants. Videos are delivered to your inbox every morning for 5 days, and give you a simple tip that will instantly advance your sales expertise.

  • How to stop talking and start listening. (the “Shut Up And Get Rich Skill”)
  • How do I connect intentionally with people? (the “Connecting Skill”)
  • Are you giving up too much profit in negotiations? (the “Negotiating Skill”)
  • When a customer is upset, how do we get back to “normal” and reset the relationship?
  • How to we adapt to people with very different personality and communication styles?

    Focus Selling® is different

    It’s personal ... life-changing for team members and their families.
    It’s organizational ... the end of ineffective peer interactions.​
    It’s financial ... no more unpredictable revenue.

    Focus Selling